I agree about the point about isolation from itsallgrand. It's a good idea to meet people from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

For the purposes of dating, if you prefer someone who is of the same religion, I think you should stick to that and don't settle for someone who falls outside of what you're looking for. I dated outside of my "religion" all my life and had many disagreements with ambivalent or atheist individuals who didn't respect my views or beliefs (didn't take my opinions seriously) or ridiculed whatever thoughts or ideas I had grown up around or believed to be important. I don't think anyone should be subject to that kind of treatment or disrespect. You are entitled to find whomever you feel you connect with best, regardless of religion or some other aspect. If you do enjoy the company of others outside of your religious upbringing, so be it too.

Remain open-minded with everyone you meet and meet lots of people but stay selective in your choices for a partner.