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Thread: General Discussion and Information: Sexual Assault

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    Bronze Member WaywardKiwi's Avatar
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    Sep 2017
    Hey Wiseman,

    Thanks, I totally agree, and that was kind of the idea of this `general discussion`; not relating to a single case but a place for those people who do have strong general opinions to talk it out. I agree that in individual cases, local experts and services should be engaged .

    In any case, as I said, whatever I wanted to achieve here, I think its dead in the water.

    T Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Mar 2006
    I was sexually assaulted many years ago. For me, personally, the situation described above would not have helped me in sorting out my feelings and reactions to being assaulted because that situation to me -whether or not it is actually assault - is so out of the realm that I'm not sure whether it's helpful to most victims. But it's an interesting discussion!

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    Dec 2007
    Originally Posted by WaywardKiwi
    Hi Holly,

    Apologies, as you originally quoted my post, I thought you were responding to my post and offering a counter point, to which I then offered a counter point. I didn't realise you meant to respond to the original post and didn't want to continue the discussion.

    Again, I am a bit confused by this 'push my opinion' and 'always be right' stuff. Maybe the way I write my posts and communicate on this forum is coming off a certain way. I generally will offer my opinion once, and then post again if I do think of something else to add; in this case, when I saw many people categorically say it wasn't criminal, when I had found a case which said it was, I thought that was valuable, or at the very least interesting, information. When people quote me and ask questions or offer counter points, I generally view that as an invitation to discussion and an opportunity continue developing my opinion.

    I am also very liberal with the 'Just my opinions' and 'I take you points' - these are sincere. I generally believe in most matters on eNotalone, there is rarely a right answer, just various shades and opinions.

    Unfortunately, this thread has already been derailed by somehow becoming about me. It was never my intention, and I am genuinely disappointed, if not entirely surprised. For my part, I will reflect on how I communicate here, but maybe its best I request this thread be closed.

    Thank you,

    No apologies necessary. I respect what you are saying, we simply differ in opinion.

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    Administrator kamurj's Avatar
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    Jul 2001
    Thread closed by OP's request.


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