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Thread: Dealing with breakup with coworker

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    That is a good plan.

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    Silver Member JamesDE's Avatar
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    Apr 2014
    Going through something similar, this is what you want to know. Do not initiate contact. Doing so shows you care more than she does. It tells her you are more into her than she is into you. And it also tells you you are ok with being treated this way. Next. Don"t show hurt. You must be neutral and professional at all times with as much of a friendly approach as you can muster, just don't kiss up at all. This will show you are not co-dependent and is your only shot (but the best one) at winning her back. She's just not into you right now. Let her get away and see if she realizes her loss after this new relationship ages likes yours did. It will. Don't worry there.... Next, if she contacts you, reciprocate in the same tone and attraction level she does. It's not easy, but do not show more attraction than her. If she doesn't, she isn't missing you. If you feel weak, tell yourself over and over again "f* this sh*!" It helps you set your mind that you are better than this.

    The no intial contact from you is crucial. Do not learn or watch anything! Nothing. What this does is leaves you with only the knowledge of how she is treating you. If she isn't treating you in a way that serves your purpose, she isn't as gorgeous, beautiful, graceful, so wonderful as you think. She's just pretty. Trust me. The Russian hottie that just screwed me over is just as pretty to me. I can do better as well.

    Lastly. Don't screw yourself over. Even you could have been lured by a tighter belly and bigger breasts. She's just experiencing someone new. Hurts like hell, but she may get hurt. Who do you think she will turn to if you don't act butt hurt? She will go back to her best safety net. Now...you may not want to be a safety net, but would you mind if she needed a reminder of what she had? If you are single then, than yes you do. Don't screw that option for yourself. Could be a fun time.

    So, for now, wallow in your suffering silently. Let her experience you walking away and not looking back. Show no weakness and make her think you have other options, or if not, just fine without her. Do not show your recovery, leave it as a mystery. And...if she doesn't come back, she isn't for you because this would be your future. But, know this, she will wonder about you, she will wonder what would have been, she will wonder what it was about her that you let go so easily. It's your only way to make her wonder if she screwed up and should do what it takes to win you back.

    That said, I can only hope and trust I will take my own advice. F* this s*. No initial contact...

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