So yesterday morning before we were supposed to meet up for our ďdateĒ she texts me and tells me she doesnít want to hang out, sheís anxious and not in a good way, that I keep trying to force this and she doesnít want it, that I need to leave her alone and move on. So I tell her that I had a date previously set up for Monday night that I cancelled in order to go out with her and I would respect it if she would at least meet up with me and talk to me face to face. She finally agrees and tells me to meet her at this bar by her apartment, telling me that she is not happy that she has to do this. Things did not seem like they were going to go well at all. I really thought I was going to go there and be disappointed and end stuff for good. Well, I get to the bar and she has her make up all done up so obviously she wanted to look good. We go in and order a round of drinks and some food. She asks me what I want to tell her and I reply give me a little bit to loosen up. So she starts talking about how she wants to hang out with me and give it another shot but deep down she doesnít think itís ever going to workout and instead of going through a breakup again later on, she just thought it was best that we move on now. I tell her that I know she is talking to someone else and for her not to leave out that factor that is also playing on her mind. She tells me she is, but the guy lives in Canada and itís nothing serious and I canít be mad because I also have other females I talk to, which is true. So I said ok yes youíre right and we just chilled the rest of the night and drank and had a really good time. She tells me she thinks I had too much to drink and that I should come back to her apartment for the night, which I agree on. When we get there she tells me to get in bed with her but we canít have sex because she hasnít shaved or prepared herself. About 20 minutes into cuddling Iím feeling her up and things get pretty heated. We probably had sex about 8 times from night until morning. Today she has been non stop texting me about how she canít stop thinking about me and how great last night was and that she wants to work on a relationship and she is sorry for giving me mixed signals but she is in love with me now. Sheís never been like this with me, ever. So Iím hoping they stay this way, and Iím thinking they will be! Sheís already texting me telling me she misses me in her bed right now and wants me there! I told her wait until Friday and she can come to my place!