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Thread: Reasons

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    Aug 2014


    This is something I wrote a few months ago, pretty personal but I thought maybe it may help someone like it did me.
    Suicide- reasons to- 1) Iím totally unhappy, ass deep on stupid debt, I see no point in continuing
    Reasons not to- Iím selfish enough to stay around to see a Thomas graduate college, have a family, and see my grandkids. I want to hunt another duck, deer, goose and turkey season, I want to complete the Royal
    slam of turkeys, hunt seaducks in Maine and Alaska, whitetail in Saskatchewan. Iím so selfish. I donít want to hurt Thomas or my Dad, I canít even begin to imagine the pain and guilt my Dad would feel if I did that. Although he shouldnít feel guilty, heís been a great dad, someone strong, stable, and provided well for his family. I can only imagine how I would feel if Thomas were to do that and I canít do that to him. I also canít imagine hurting Thomas anymore than I already have, even though Iím a complete failure as a father I love him with all my heart and canít bring myself to hurt him Getting Ready for a First Date

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    Itís not selfish to want to have experiences and to make sure your loved ones arenít hurt. :)

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    Aug 2019
    I'm glad you are still here. Thomas is lucky to have you.

    My friend killed himself 13 years ago & his son is still affected by it.

    Try making a plan to manage the debt & change the things you don't like about yourself.


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