Hello everyone,
I've been in a relationship with this guy for over 5 years when i decided I wanna end it because I've fallen in love with some other man. I started a new relationship with this other man so basically me and my ex we've been apart for 1 and half years. During the first year, my ex contacted me multiple times and asked me to get back together and somehow I really wanted but I've started some new relationship so I couldn't. This new relationship turned up to be a big mess, so in this time I realised how perfect my relationship with my ex was.
When I ended up the relationship with this other guy, some time later I wrote to my ex and we start to go out, actually he said we were FWB but I think it was more. For 2 months, he took me out to dinner, he slept in my home sometimes, we've watched movies together and even went to a holiday. Everything was perfect, so I decided to ask my ex how he feels about me, as things evolved so great between us. He rejected me, he said it was just for fun, and he didn't want a relationship with me. When I heard this, I decided to end up the FWB thing and I am now in no contact period. I don't understand, is it possible for my ex not to have feelings for me anymore?
I mean I really want a relationship with him again, I've really changed and we were so happy in this 2 months..Did I do a mistake to ask him directly how he feels about me? Will he ever come back to be?

Thanks for your advice, I really need some perspective.