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Thread: No contact

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    Apr 2014
    Here is the thing about no contact. You need to do this so all you have is how they treat you. The more you know, the more you contact, the more you have to focus on. If you contact, but you don't get the response you forcasted or hoped for from you contact, the more you focus on your own pain. The less you know about them, the more all you see is how they treat you. Eventually you'll tell yourself this is not what I signed up for. They treated me like gold, now they practically ignore or shun my innermost pain. If you ask them something and they give you a passive response, all you can think about is how they ignored you, how they are shallow, how much it hurts; when you should focus on how they are treating you as a second or as a passive interest. You are better than that. It hurts, but that person does not serve your purpose. You are wasting your time staying in the pitty zone. And they don't care. All you can do is move on and hope they eventually come to realize they screwed up. Respond in kind, but not more, if they reach out, but if they don't, then just aren't into you anymore. Get away from it. The sooner you do, the sooner you will be glad you did. The longer you stay, the longer you wish it was different, but it n e v er will be.

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    Hmm... I know it hurts a lot when you care about someone and they didn't care back. Tammy love yourself. Go outside and explore the world, there are lots of things you should get to know. As you know that self respect matter a lot.

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    Yes i agree with everyone one day im okay then some days its not so good...i have my phone away from me so i wont get tempted to reach out to him..i jus want to move on mentally for good

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