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I think your instincts were right to break up, and I'd stop spinning around about a talk, because the question to consider is, what good would that do?

Speaking only for myself, I only want someone who is 'all in'. While I can appreciate that passion can ebb and flow over the course of a relationship, what would I want with someone who would lay on me a lack of feelings, as though there's anything I can DO about that?

Skip that, and skip him. If romeo ever reflects and decides that he somehow loves you after all, then he'll have no problem making sure that you're the first to know it. But really, how confident would you be in a person who can swing on a dime from love--to not love--to love again while putting YOU through a roller coaster ride?

Sometimes love means considering your partner's feelings while working stuff out for yourself. Dumping an emotional burden on a lover when there's nothing they can do about it but feel lousy? That's not love, it's self indulgence, and I'd rather hold out for a lover who's more capable of decision making without knocking me down to do it for him.

Head high.
OMG, thank you so much for this answer, i know very well that I was at fault so many times, and that fights had worsen our relationship, but if love were strong enough, it wouldn't have died through this.
All I expected from him was to show me (even through the lack of attention, of caring and all) that he still loved me.
I might've been clingy and persistent, but I just wanted him to reassure me, or at least make it clear for me and take a decision, but he never did...
I'll never take the blame on me for his uncertainty, that burden killed me enough... thank you!