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Thread: Is she testing me/trying to make me jealous, or just not interested?

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    Gold Member thisisrichey's Avatar
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    Oct 2018
    no.. she's not trying to make you jealous. she just doesn't see you like that. a girl interested and wanting you, would not go out and get ANOTHER BOYFRIEND and have a relationship with somebody else - to get YOU jealous. that's not how it works. Nor would they ignore you and not follow thru on wanting to see you if they TRULY wanted to see you.

    she has zero for you romantically. accept that and move on.

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    Platinum Member boltnrun's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    Originally Posted by asalways
    What did the OP say that would elicit such a response? Really, enlighten me, a guy mentions nothing about anything sexual and then your question comes out of the blue.
    In the thread you just quoted he said he would be fine with a FWB situation with this woman. That's where I got it.

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Originally Posted by drivenfuture
    I would have been interested in a relationship, but last month I didnt know my future...i told her I was probly moving to florida... but since then plans changed and I'll still be living in the same city. I feel like I dont know her well but as far as personality I like her but behavior wise actually has been turning me off quite a bit lately. She usually texts me when another pretty girl comments on my facebook.
    I'd say listen to your instincts on this one and if her behaviour is odd to you, it probably really is odd. People may be going through whatever else they're going through in their lives to contribute to their outwards demeanor. Don't internalize that and keep on listening to your instincts. I'm not sure what she's texting you about but you might reconsider answering her texts next time.

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    Jul 2019
    Originally Posted by boltnrun
    In the thread you just quoted he said he would be fine with a FWB situation with this woman. That's where I got it.
    I didn't say FWB was my intent...someone brought it up and I said if that's what she wanted I'm fine with it, but the issue was the confusion about what does she want. My only intent is hang out have fun, sex doesnt need to be involved because I actually value the person for who they are. Not that I dont want it..its just not the most meaningful thing to me in a relationship or friendship.


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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Don't play dumb mind games with her. Since she's ignoring you, ignore her back. Leave her alone. Don't try to figure her out.

    She's unstable and doesn't stick to her word. You deserve a lady who will show you respect. Move on. Be smart.

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    Sep 2014
    Well I don't know if technically she's done anything wrong? You guys have only ever been friends/acquaintances and never anything more, right? You had never been on any dates. When you'd discussed hanging out, it may have been assumed that it was only as friends. She probably likes your attention when she has no other guys going but yeah other than that she doesn't seem interested at all. She doesn't really owe you anything because you are not anything to each other. You're not even close friends. She can do what she wants with other guys. I think the message is quite clear that she's not into you so you should probably just forget about her and move on.

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    Platinum Member
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    Apr 2016
    Originally Posted by drivenfuture
    I didn't say FWB was my intent...someone brought it up and I said if that's what she wanted I'm fine with it, but the issue was the confusion about what does she want.
    If you are GENUINELY interested in dating someone , you would NEVER settle for fwb.
    So either you arenít genuinely interested or are a sucker for punishment.

    But thatís assuming she is interested in anything more than platonic but she has NOT ever given any indication that she is. ?

    I just read your previous post about her and you asked if her bar had a microphone to which she replied no.
    Later tagged you in a karaoke event at her bar. And you got cranky thinking she lied!
    Umm karaoke bring their own microphones, speakers etc!!!

    Dude , Iím sorry , but this girl has NOT indicated any non platonic interest in you at all.
    Iím sorry you misinterpreted!

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    Bronze Member
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    Apr 2018
    Originally Posted by drivenfuture
    So this girl and I were friends for a year..we almost started hanging out alone but but it became a mess..she had a bf...I backed off, then she messaged me asking how I was. I noticed she broke up with her bf so I said we should hang out...she said she was going on vacation but wanted to hang out when she got back...I told her let me know when she gets back and well plan something...that was 3 weeks ago...I texted her yesterday...she never texted back but then showed up to my work with another guy...they didnt seem particularly interested in each other and she didn't say hi to me or anything. Seemed very odd she would come right into my work after ignoring me...it felt more like a test to see if I'd get jealous..or am I reading into it?
    Stay away. This is just too messy. Her bringing another guy to your work should tell you one thing. She doesn't give a about how you feel.

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