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Thread: Waiting for couples therapy

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    Apr 2017
    Iím responding to your response to me yatsue but to save space Iím not quoting it:

    Thatís fine you feel Iím misinterpreting, I went back to read the original post on this subject, I still have the same opinion and feel even stronger now that you twist this situation and romanticize things that simply donít rise to the occasion as to comfort yourself. I personally feel it does more harm than good but I am not you so if it helps you to recall things in the manner you are so be it.

    I will say though think about it even if you two immediately became serious in February, when you met, itís September... SEPTEMBER, that still only gives your relationship a timeline of mere months, months where he was still sleeping with other women and lying to you about STDís, do you really think that same guy is genuinely suicidal about your breakup? If he is, your mind shouldnít be feeling pity and guilt, it should be screaming get the hell away from this manipulative broken guy before he sucks me into his drama!!!

    This guy is hella bad news and bravo to you for walking away.

    Donít feel bad for choosing your own happiness and sanity, he would have brought you neither and I think deep down you know that.

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    Originally Posted by yatsue
    I need to find the person I don't want to change, when I'm ready in time.
    That's absolutely right.

    All that joy you felt at his wit and humor would have been crushed to death by the weight of the problems he visited upon you. And the anxiety and panic attacks? I bet that was your rational mind freaking out at the prospect of you settling down with him. There was no need to save this. You were afraid he might attack your friend, for crissakes. You did the right thing for all involved by ending it. Hope you feel better soon.

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