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Thread: In laws too invasive

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    Platinum Member maew's Avatar
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    Dec 2017

    In laws too invasive

    This is his mother and if he wants that kind of relationship with her thatís his choice. It doesnít really matter what you or any of us thinks about it.

    If you want to maintain a relationship with this guy focus on being understanding and accepting instead of demanding and controlling... and stop taking the things she says and does personally.

    If you know you wonít be able to accept their relationship and her part in it then you need to consider moving on, as this kind of conflict is often a relationship killer anyway.

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    Mahjong is a gambling game. I learned when I was a little girl and my legs didn't reach the floor on the chair... from my grandmother otherwise known as the one-eyed bandit in our family. She was intense. Normally the oldies play together and bring in the young ones to teach at a young age. His mum is Chinese. If you're going to want to earn the respect of his family members, your straightest shot is in not being a loudmouth or troublemaker (don't be so openly opinionated) and start getting to know her more. It will probably test your street smarts and your willingness to be flexible and openminded also while requesting the same of her. I hope it works out for both of you.

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