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I told her I didn’t want to lose a friend over it but what she did was not nice and I didn’t appreciate it. No notice is not appropriate. She will work the hours in between. My son will cover me in the daycare for the 5 minutes at the bus twice a day. I am still not happy but what can one do. It will take time before the resentment goes away.

My mom said to do things that are more equal. If we want to go do something tell her you’ll meet her there instead of picking her up etc.
Well, you don't actually "need" her while the kids are sleeping. I would hire someone else. Tell her if her other job is more important as it seems you will give her the rest of the weeks until school holiday break off so she can focus on that. Or tell her that her hours are covered and won't be neeidng her. Even if you were able to get someone 2-3 days a week and tell her she is not needed on those days. Or if you won't do that, I would stop carrying her taxes. I'd be so done with that.