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yes i was jealous for no reason! i do feel awful that i put him into a corner. it was a bad bad fight and i feel so guilty and am having so much trouble forgiving myself.

i dont expect him to tell me the minute he saw her. im just saying i asked if she was going to be there prior. we have no issues with each other! shes a sweet girl and we've met and hung out before. we are very friendly with each other. i wasnt interrogating him on whether she was going to be there or not, just simply curious.

the part that bothered me was that he told his friend it would be weird if we were all at an after hours party together. i felt bad as if i was the reason we couldnt go, because he didnt want to mix his new girlfriend with his old. i guess from my point of view i wouldnt care if an ex and my current boyfriend were there. so i expected him to think the same, which is wrong. i know this. i just dont see the issue with us all together at this party as we all had been together dancing and hanging out all night anyway.
He saw how you reacted to her being at the wedding and didn't want to compound the problem. But then you compounded the problem. He was in a 'no win' situation and you were already drunk, so he tried to avoid a situation that could escalate further.

I would cut the drinking and grasp that when you police a lover, you lose the lover. If you need help with this, I would seek counseling on your own to avoid dumping your stuff on the BF.