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Thread: Do women approach men first?

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    Originally Posted by Equator
    Does it happen that a girl approaches man first and shows clear interest in him or makes more effort than him to get a relationship with him? I am 25m, never had gf and this never happened to me. Is it normal? Most of my friends experienced this im my life, I have not. No girl ever asked me out nor showed clear interest in me and I am upset because I think it happens to everyone sometimes
    Itís usually subtle, like another poster mentioned about the dropping of the handkerchief... we do still do a version of this by the way, or at least I do; girls will find ways of putting themselves in your line of vision if they are interested, like initiating conversation about something, making eye contact and smiling, hearing you will be at a party or event and showing up with her friends, etc. If you see a lady that is regularly in your orbit that might mean she is interested in getting to know you better.

    We are always our worst critics and I think you are probably much more attractive than you believe. You just have to find ways of bringing your best qualities out as a person... hang out with friends that uplift you, do activities you enjoy, this will bring out a positive energy that will attract people into your life.

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    Guys usually ask women out more. But yes, women ask guys out too.

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