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Thank you LHG, it was a long time coming, so it's for the best really.

In the end I just couldn't be what he wanted (someone more settled) and it was beginning to bring me down so had to end it, especially now with my dream of law school and being an attorney. That is my priority right now.

I think I created a thread about it, how I don't believe I am in the proper mindframe for a committed relationship, I prefer to be on my own at least for now.

I find committed relationships squelch my spirit, at least the ones I've had thus far (four).

But it could also be the men I'm choosing, the men I find myself attracted to, they tend to be the dominant types. Which works for a bit, until I start to feel controlled and squelched. Our relationship lasted 1.5 years.

So I need to explore this before I am emotionally ready for another.

Anyway, I'm sad about it and I miss him, but again it was for the best.

Again, thank you for your concern, I'll be okay. xx. :)
It could also be your unchecked symptoms though Kat...

You went back and forth with this guy, it was very much like a pendulum swing.

What you could be explaining away as a free spirit could also be symptoms.

Not saying for sure they are, just saying itís a possibility.

Iím glad you are seeing a Dr. I also understand not wanting to go on medication, I personally donít like the way anti depressants made me feel when I took them years ago, very numb, itís your life. But with your choice to not be on medication, I think one must be even more... aware of what symptoms are vs. everyday ups and downs of emotions.

Maybe a counselor or life coach could be an option vs. medication, just someone to help keep you level.

I hope you get everything figured out and bravo to you for remaining honest with us here. I think as regular posters it can be hard to open up about our challenges but weíre all human and we all have them.