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Thread: I Want to be Good Enough for Him

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    Find a better roommate than your mom, and one that is not likely to make things awkward when/if you stop dating them. I don't know about your area, but in mine there are constantly people looking for roommates. Our options are usually not as limited as our closed minds make them seem. The fish can't imagine land and all that.

    Oh, and keep dating the hunk if you think it's going well. More power to you. Just don't get too far ahead of yourself.

    And you've got to figure out how to see yourself the way you hope these men see you. Rather than trying to become someone who is worthy to be seen that way. You're already worthy. Don't listen to your negative self talk. I wonder how much of that comes from your mother (psyche 101 - warning: see someone with a license if you want to dig into that deeper)

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    Originally Posted by ConfusedLady21
    He told me that he was looking for a roommate before I mentioned anything.. and since he heard about my situation he is willing to open up a room. There will be a contract involved. It's very cheap for rent with utilities included. You can't live anywhere for free. He told me that he is well aware of the implications of his offer and he is willing to separate being involved with one another and being roommates.
    I don't think it's a good idea to move in with someone that you are so infatuated with. What will you do if the relationship fizzles out and he starts bringing other women home?

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