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I know he seems like your ex's long lost twin, however, remind yourself this guy is his own person. He just happens to be very similar to your ex, that's all. He's a different guy so appreciate and respect him for it. NEVER accidentally blurt out your ex's name to this new guy in your life otherwise you could lose him! Be careful!

Since this new guy is awesome, have a good time, establish a great friendship with him, learn his personality and character thoroughly first. Even though physical appearances may remind you of your ex, know that people are really very different on the inside so concentrate on his character first and foremost because character is what is most enduring, not looks.

If he works out for you, hope he's not the one that got away. Good luck!
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And it's to be expected. Remind yourself of that.

Every time you engage someone in a romantic way, say holding their hand. .you will have that tactile memory come back. Going to dinner . . you did that with an ex. Kissing, you will compare them to someone else.

Don't give it any more meaning than it deserves.

When we go dancing, the way we were accustomed to dancing comes back to us. . Until we learn do it differently.
The bit about learning to dance really made sense, we always go by what we have experienced so I'll try my best not to lump them into one box too much. 😀