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Thread: When does the severe depression stop?

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    Platinum Member Rose Mosse's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    British Columbia, Canada
    Several replied to you here. I think you should seek more help with the depression and turmoil. There are a lot of difficult emotions there. If body image issues are your trigger, please deal with these first before pursuing a relationship. If it's religion or lack of religion on your part or whatever differences there were between the both of you, you'll have to be honest about it and respect your differences. It's not enough to just fall in love. Plenty of people fall in love every day. Not all of it is sustainable or realistic in the relationship sense.

    No one should have to go to war for anyone else either. This is coming from someone from a conservative background who did live and have a long term relationship with a transgendered person so you're preaching to the choir when it comes to going to war, sticking the flag and gathering the troops for all out bloodshed. There's one thing I've learned: some wars are not necessary in order to get your message across and most wars can be avoided with careful tact and diplomacy. You do not need anyone to go to war and the point is not to ever have to go to war when it comes to you, your family or another person's family. It's the wrong message you'll be sending and you'll come out with scars a lot deeper than they have to be. It's not worth it. Take it easy and learn from the pain and the lessons.

    Hope you feel better soon. Come around here now and then and contribute some of your thoughts on the forum. Take your mind off with some hobbies and do some reading, meet new people but not for the sole purpose of a relationship or gaining or falling in love.

    Your other thread: [Register to see the link]

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    Platinum Member Cherylyn's Avatar
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    Mar 2019
    Originally Posted by aydenkk90
    In person things were great. But whenever I went back to the US, they were in full attack bully mode. Maybe once they accepted me, things would have gotten better?
    When things were great in person, it's not good enough. In order to have harmonious relationships, it needs to be smooth and pleasant whether it's in person or not. That's the key.

    Regarding, acceptance, some people are fickle. Some parents just don't only zero in on your weight and appearance and feel that no man or woman is good enough for their grown adult child. They will always find an excuse not to accept and welcome you into their fold.

    Some families are barely civil yet it doesn't mean they're fond of you. Many family trees are this way with in-laws in particular.

    Some couples have a work around and have peace with everyone despite not feeling close to extended family members and in-laws.

    In your situation, it sounds like there were too many polar opposite personalities which you cannot force to combine. That type of dynamic can't continue to function normally and smoothly. It was better that the relationship dissolved anyway because you couldn't have continued on that same track and neither could they.

    You can't wish what could've been because it's all in the past. It wasn't meant to be. People are not always compatible, however, it doesn't mean you have to lose hope. There are plenty of very good people who will not give you a hard life.

    Think positively and consider this bad experience as harsh lessons learned. You'll have better discernment when it comes to choosing the right people in your life from now on and you'll know what NOT to do in the future. Think positively.

    Also, I'll chime in and advise you to take better care of your health. Being overweight isn't always only about your physical appearance. You're damaging your heart health. Exercise, eat right and less, lose weight for real, look and feel great. Think about preventing hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, strokes and everything associated with extra pounds.

    When you take good care of your health, your negative thoughts should start to diminish, you'll have high self esteem and your self confidence will soar. You'll feel better about yourself and become attractive to others because you are secure. You'll like yourself better and you won't fret about feeling "accepted." You'll shine on your own and you will be appreciated for being a new honorable man. Start fresh and become a new person. Be positive and put your foot in the right direction.

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