I have this problem. Iíve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 8 years, we have a 2 yo daughter together. For a while now iíve had problems with our relationship, i have had issues some years back because well i never really had that butterflies in stomache feelings with him, our thing just kind of started and went on to a full relationship.I donít want to hurt him or anything but lately i just feel trapped. I feel like iím caged and sad, making him sad at the same time. I feel no physical attraction towards him at this point and he knows something is up. Also we have always had long- term relationship, the longest we have lived together was a year and a half but the i moved back to my home country and he stayed abroad for work. No i will not ever move for him again, i am starting to make a life for myself here again.

About three weeks ago i met his friend or something, well anyway it was stupid and i felt stupid but i just fell, like i looked into his eyes and i was gone. Now i went visiting my boyfriend who shares the apartment with my ďcrushĒ and it was torture, our relationship got even more cold and i couldnít help myself. I donít know what to do? I do love my boyfriend but i find myself staring at my phone hoping my crush would just write or do something-anything. We do speak occasionally but iím not sure if there is something but i think maybe he feels something. Iím lost and confused, boyfriend is mad at me and we donít speaks right now. 8 years is a long time but i donít know what is right. I do not want to hurt him. What is the right course of action here? Should i forget the other guy? We did have a moment when i was there while my bf was sleeping and i feel so terrible for that but also donít. Am i a horrible person? Maybe i should just be alone and focus only on myself and my daughter?