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Thread: Breakup timing

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    Should I still break up with him now, or should I wait to break the news until after the hearing?
    There's no time like the present. Why waste time waiting for an outcome that is irrelevant to your decision?

    The most helpful thing to accept about a breakup is that you don't get to control how the other person views you for it. We all need to play the role of the 'bad guy' when we want to break from a relationship that no longer works for us, so trying to come off as anything better than a villain is a waste of effort.

    Lean into being a villain long enough to liberate yourself, and you will thank yourself later.

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    Originally Posted by Malon98
    I posted last week about feeling bad about ďbreaking up without a good reasonĒ and after reading all your responses I have decided I do want to break up with my boyfriend of 8 years. However, Iím concerned about timing...

    My bf just got arrested for a DUI this weekend (he says he wasnít drunk- they didnít actually breathalyze him apparently, so I donít know if thatís true) and Iím really mad at him about that (this was his 2nd DUI, though the 1st was before we were dating), but I also feel bad because he seems really depressed about it and has been struggling to find/pay for a lawyer. Also I have plans to go on a short vacation with my sister next week, and his DUI hearing takes place the day I get back from my vacation. Should I still break up with him now, or should I wait to break the news until after the hearing?
    Dump him and offer to support him through his trial.

    Or, dump him.

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