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Thread: Suffering from BDD and very depressed about my appearence.

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    Comparisons and seeking reassurance are classic BDD behaviours which will only serve to make you worse, not better. Your therapist needs to be working through with you why you place excessive value on appearance above all your other qualities, and help you find ways to redirect your attention. As a fellow sufferer, that's what my therapist did with me.

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    I know this is a really weird request but can you tell me your head/face sizes?
    No. With millions of people in the world, there are millions of different measurements, and since you're already watching enough youtube to learn what's average, what's the point in my contribution to that?

    Healing isn't something that happens 'to' us, it requires our participation. If you want to feed a useless obsession, you can do that, it's not against the law--it just won't buy you any progress toward healing or peace.

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    God does not respect any one person above another.

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