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YOU need to stop the madness...how do you do that? You tell these strange men that come up to you, that you are with your boyfriend and don't appreciate these intrusions since you are trying to have a night out with him.

Yes, it's not your fault what random strangers do, but you can help how you react and how you deal with it.

It is bothering your boyfriend and to some degree it is emasculating him. After all, these men are coming over not giving a care that he's right there.
Your boyfriend is gentlemanly enough to not start a fight with these men, so the best thing you can do is tell these men in a nice but no fooling around way...to buzz off.

It's not difficult, just let them know that their attentions are not wanted.
I very much agree with Sherry, and to me, it has nothing to do with trust or your bf's insecurity, it's just flat out disrespectful to your bf when (1) these men approach you while at a private table with him and (2) your engaging them in any way shape or form.

I've had this happen, and my not so reserved ex at the time was not as polite as your bf -- he stood up, looked the guy straight in the eyes and flat out told him he was way out of line and to get lost.

Guy quickly exited after that.

I recall one time a strange guy kept knocking on the glass outside the restaurant where bf and I were sitting (we were sitting at the window), staring straight at me trying to get my attention and I and my bf simply ignored him, as difficult as that was as he would not leave!

Equally disrespectful.

That was many years ago, in my 20s, now whenever guys are so blatantly disrespectful to hit on me while spending private time with my bf at a restaurant, club or wherever, I step up and tell the guy I am with my boyfriend and proceed to ignore him after that if he continues.

At a party, sitting at the bar where everyone is socializing with each other is different, but intruding on private time is again just flat out rude and distrspectful to your bf.

And OP, you need to shut that down as I am sure you would appreciate your bf doing if random chicks hit on him while spending private time with you.