In addition to LinkedIn and recruiters (passive search) you need to actively search. This may mean browsing ads on job sites, networking and most of all taking some courses/classes to refresh your skills. College job boards are also a resource. Allowing just a LinkedIn profile and recruiters is too passive.

Also make sure your head shot, profile and resume look professional. Make sure you are not filling the gaps with too much mom stuff. In fact filling in gaps isn't that important theses days. Read up on how to write a better resume. If they are looking but not even contacting you it means the LinkedIn profile and resume are the issue.

Is this in preparation for divorce or for personal fulfillment? If it's the former, talk to an attorney not to file for divorce but to learn about your options and what it entails financially for you.
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I'm a stay at home mom, and I need to get back to work. I saw recruiters "look" at my profile, I get "likes" on the posts I write on Linkedin, but no interviews, nada!