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Thread: Girl I'm dating doesn't want relationship due to very bad experience with ex-bf

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    Mar 2019
    Respect and honor her wishes. Be a friend and wait. If your patience runs out one of these days, perhaps she's not the one for you.

    In the meantime, be a good friend. You've only been dating her for one month! You don't know her well enough. Both of you need to grow accustomed to each others personalities and characters. Establish a trustworthy, solid friendship for a long time before you even think of any relationship. Be wise and take it very, very, very slow.

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    Trust me when I say this: if someone says they're not ready for a relationship and they have enough self awareness to realize their still hurt from they're last relationship...believe them.

    You might lose the girl. That happens but the alternative is much worse: you could have a bad relationship where she hurts you because she's still dealing with her own hurt.

    I was in your place. Met a guy. Things went well and I was so eager to be his girlfriend and got slightly annoyed he was taking so long to ask me out -> had that conversation with him and realized he was hesitant but gave him an ultimatum and he asked me out. I didn't want to be on standby anymore and asked for a solid answer, he was afraid to lose me and made a decision he should've thought about for a while.

    Thing is...this was a terrible relationship because he clearly wasn't ready and couldn't admit that to himself.

    Be her friend. You never know what can change in 2 years but be thankful she has enough self awareness to choose not to drag everyone down with her.

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    When you try to rescue a damsel in distress, you just end up with distressed damsel.

    The ex bf could be an excuse, or a valid reason. Regardless, you know where you stand. Don't wait around, and stop pursuing her. Move on to bigger and better adventures.

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