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Thread: Go back to college or have a baby?

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    Having a baby is a serious commitment and there should be no hesitation about it. Are you really up for the challenge? If you are serious and committed to both the baby and school, you might try taking online credits in general ed classes and elective classes that would transfer for your degree program later.

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    Iím with those who say you donít have to choose between school and baby. Iím currently in a very demanding professional school program and expecting a baby - and while I havenít made it all work yet, on most days Iím reasonably confident that it will all be ok. I plan to stay on schedule and should graduate with my classmates, barring any very unforeseen circumstances. I do not work, but I would say my degree program is more than full time. Keep in mind that many colleges now offer flexible schedules, online classes etc, so you can tailor your course load each term to how much time you have.

    Your age when you have children and what is ďtoo oldĒ is a very personal decision, but at 29 youíre certainly not in the now or never camp from a medical point of view. So another option is to get started on your coursework and then reevaluate the decision to have a baby in a year or two, especially if you donít feel entirely ready. The situation may clarify itself between now and then and you may feel more certain of your choice one way or another. Youíll also be able to get a better idea whether your current career goals are made to stick or if they lose some of their charm.

    One last thing Iíll say is that I think it would be possible for you to get to a bachelorís degree faster than 4 years, given that you may have some credits that carry over and that you could take classes year-round rather than skipping summers, for example. It might be a lot to take on with work, but you can start slow and then ramp up and potentially get going a little bit faster than you are thinking now.

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