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Thread: Not Ready For A Relationship

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    Responded in your identical thread: [Register to see the link]
    Originally Posted by Flamingo12
    Before we went to the water park, I had asked him to not smoke but he could drink alcohol. I’m less bothered by alcohol than I am with smoking. As per my request, he agreed and did not smoke even with his friends doing it there

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    Thank you so much for your kind words. It definitely has brightened my mood and I appreciate the honesty. I will definitely be taking your words with everything I have. Once again, I really appreciate your advice.

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    How long did you date? I can't be too sure, as I don't know you guys, but I would say that the fact that your parents are strict and controlling and also that you were trying to control HIM was actually getting to him and he'd had enough. What culture are you from if you don't mind me asking? Are his parents strict or more relaxed?

    I understand about strict parents because mine were too and they were trying to control me as well, even when I was 18 and up to my mid 20's when I moved out of home. You are both only teenagers though and understandably this is a time where some people this age want to experiment, party and have fun. Obviously your boyfriend wants to drink and smoke and you don't like it and you are telling him what to do. If he doesn't have strict parents then the fact that your parents are controlling your relationship and you are also trying to control HIM is probably unappealing.

    You are both of legal age and he may feel that he should have more freedom than that in his relationship and also his personal life. I mean yes we all know that smoking and drinking is bad but it's a personal choice to do it. He should be able to do that if he wants. If you don't like it then it probably is best even for you to break up.

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    I can sense the hurt in your words. So sorry you are going through this right now. Relationships can be complicated, and youth can add to these challenges. Focus on yourself for now – build yourself up. What are some goals you have for yourself? If you need to talk to your parents or another trusted source, please do. Stay uplifted and positive!


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