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Thread: Strange break up

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    Strange break up


    after 2 year of relationship, i started to have problem with my GF. At that time i was ill and therefore needy. I wrote her many times how i like and love her and she started to write to me less and less. Than i started writing her even more. She told me not to pressure her so much but i did it even more.
    After 3 months she came to me and told me she cant carry on and she wants to break up. It was evening so i told her i wont let her go home so late and she should stay till morning. The next day we spent talking about our relationship and both of told the other what he/she really thinks. Than we had last sex. She told me, i can still sometimes come, have sex with her and talk with her cause she likes it. I reacted why dont we carry on withour relationship than, without so much pressure ? We can talk, have sex, nice trips, why break up ? So we talked like that until she had to go. We agreed that this break up was strange and it should not be like that. We agreed that it felt strange and therefore we will keep silence about our break up until we are both sure.

    When she left, i though its 100% break up. And than i remembered that i have her PC password and it might be same on facebook. So i tryed it and it worked. I though i already lost her so i will check her messages ( i know its bad ). I saw message she sent to her friend after our strange break up that she: "does not feel we should break up and we are having pause". After that i felt maybe its not 100% clear break up.

    But she forgott her watch in my room and needed it back so i agreed she could come the next day to pick it up. When she came, i told her i dont feel we should break up and just take pause (without any facebook or sms). She agreed. Than i told her i want to go out with other girl only as a friend. She was surprised and told me that she should not have taken me so much for granted. After 2h of nice talking she went to my bed, i followed and we had sex. After that both of us were laughing that we cant really break up, its just too good between us, but we should really try atleast not to talk on facebook or via sms.

    My plan is, to wait until she writes to me, when she starts to miss me and than ask for date.

    What do you think of this ? If i m more manly and not so needy with her, can our relationship continue ? Thanks

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    Yes, your friends with benefits situation can survive. You should talk about exclusivity if you actually don't want her seeing other men when she's not schtuuping you.

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    As long as you have a mutual agreement to continue seeing each other, sure, ask for a date. Yes, your relationship can continue since both of you agreed that you two can't break up.

    From now on, cease snooping by using her PC password. Don't be sneaky and deceitful.

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    Stop texting this much and stop playing games. Just date and talk in person.


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