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Thread: Ex Bf came back after a year and I am so confused.

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    I think she needs to ask. None of us knows what he wants, and she has the right to know, considering the ending of the relationship..

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    I'm going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt (for the sake argument) and not assume he's some horrible guy who dumped her for another woman, but someone who was clearly not ready to date at the time.

    If he were to call me an entire year later, I wouldn't rough him up over the phone and insist I know his intentions and demand a commitment. He's invited her to his parents house. I don't understand why all the negative responses. It's as if his invitation to spend time with his family is some horrible thing.

    He may or may not want to reconcile. But she isn't going to know that unless she engages him in some way.
    Besides a year is a long time in between. I wouldn't jump at the chance of reconciliation and would want to at least spend some time getting reacquainted anyway

    Does she have the strength to enjoy a day at his parents and from there see what transpires?
    If he did break up with her for someone else, she'll find out soon enough.
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    It is quite simple. You just need to ask him if he wants to get back together or not. Even if he just wants to try and see how things go.

    MAybe it will work, maybe it won't but surely it's better to know than sit on here pondering.

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