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Thread: Elder Sister and Parents

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    You parents probably long for you and your sister to mend your relationship. I know my parents would be devastated if something came between me and my sisters. Perhaps your mom is trying to keep you informed?

    It does sounds like some counseling might help you with the issues that you had with your sister in childhood.

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    Originally Posted by Camber 2019
    I completely agree with Cherylyn...

    I have the same situation. For my entire childhood all I ever heard from my mother and father was that my father's mother did that to him. So what do my parents do now that I'm an adult? They do it to me. I live away, sisters live close by, and whenever I call all I hear are stories about my sisters and their kids, and even their friends... right in the middle of a story about my child! No interest whatsoever in asking about my life, or my families life, or coming to visit...

    DO NOT try to discuss this with them, all you will get is gas-lighting and unsolicited poison pen letters, texts, and phone calls telling you what a trouble maker you are.

    Either ignore it, or ignore them!
    Ahhhh yes! Classic gaslighting. A few people in my life wrote the book on gaslighting! Yes, gaslighting is when they deflect, turn it around on you, accuse you of being a trouble maker, accuse you of stirring the pot, accuse you of being insane and here's my favorite label of all: "You're a slanderous loose cannon!" What did I do? In my mind, I knew I was done. Nowadays, I enforce strict healthy boundaries FOREVER. I keep the peace, however, I limit all contact to the bare minimum. I'm civil, polite, well-mannered, respectful yet I have a frosty distant rule: I will CONTROL how much you're allowed in my life. All conversations, communication and correspondence are extremely brief and in-person get togethers are limited. It works wonders. Bring the power back to YOU. Peace is in the air and I have sweet freedom galore! My only regret is I didn't know how to navigate myself in the past. Better late than never!

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