Having socially awkward qualities is hard, I sympathize. Here is some practical advice. Go to the grocery store, and just start asking the clerks to help you find things. Be picky, if you ask for help finding milk, don't just be satisfied with any old milk, start asking for show me the soy, almond, etc. If they start rolling their eyes, breathing heavily and basically signaling you to get out of their hair, keep pushing forward, stand up for yourself. Small steps make a big difference at the end.
Regarding your situation with this guy, since he doesn't know this quality about you, I think the answer is as clear as anything. I know I'd be gone by now, but that's me. I could write a book about all the times when after the first date she had to go away on business, she was tired, her phone fell in the pool, her long lost brother came into town, etc. If a woman told me she had some kind of issue with personality/health/etc., up front, then everything changes; I would be patient, understanding and compassionate. But without knowing that, I'd be correct in assuming that the chances of this going anywhere are next to nothing. People need to make priorities when dating. Unless someone is a hotshot multi-million dollar CEO, then I'm sorry, but spending 15 minutes on a FaceTime date while travelling is not much to ask for.