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Thread: wonderful boyfriend, sexual problems, feeling anxious

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    A lot to unpack here.

    First, I would not be forgoing condoms this early in a relationship. You don't know much about his past yet, I assume. If you decide to stop using them, both of you need to get tested for STIs/HIV first. If he is respectful and serious about not using condoms, he won't balk at this.

    Second, there are positions other than missionary. He has a very legitimate reason for not being to perform this way right now, and you would be wise explore other options in bed that are pleasurable to both of you. If sex with him is important to you, you will be more understanding in this regard and not lose patience when his physical health is actually at risk performing the way you want.

    Third, blowjobs or sex in the middle of the night, every night? No thanks. I love getting frisky during the night as much as anyone, but I also know that my sleep can't be interrupted every night either. I would find that tedious and come to view it as a chore. You have the right to say no to that, OP, if you don't want to be woken every night to perform.

    In short, there are a lot of issues for such a short relationship. Slow down a bit here, and get to know the man. You need to communicate with him clearly and see where compromise can be reached. Don't feel pressured to do things you don't want to do.

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    He sounds a bit sexually sadistic, unless you have some sort of BDSM things going. Rethink this guy who "treats you like a princess" and wakes you up to give him oral and is manipulating things to go bareback. Frankly he sounds like s selfish creep who has you under his thumb.
    Originally Posted by caraviolin
    -He told me he prefers to be condomless
    -we don't have sex much.
    -he likes to either have sex or be given oral during the night.
    -being woken up in the middle of the night to give him head.

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