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Thread: A wonderful relationship with my parents is breaking down

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    It genuinely does. I have one day off a week & have been using it to clean from top to bottom. I can do the whole house to a superficial level in 6 hours, but cannot deep clean.

    More often than not, I come home the next day & the house is back in the same state. & I don't mean there are a few plates on the side, I mean total bedlam.

    Then clean up the dishes YOU use or dishes from a meal you shared with them and don't worry about the rest of the place. Pay your 40 a week and that's that. And focus on the day you can move.

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    I have no plans or desire to be in another relationship. What I felt for this man was so intense that the break up genuinely nearly killed me off. But thank you

    I also had no intention to move back in with my parents, it was never a choice. I went to uni and was so mentally unwell that the uni sent me home and it has taken three years for me to gather the courage to go again. Unfortunately, I think my parents will always be stuck with an extremely expensive house because of the amount of work they've had done on it, which has reulted in an extreme amount of debt

    Anything i've said about about my parents (e.g. that people have identified as me psycho-analysing) are things that they themselves have told me/have told me the other has said. I'm not trying to diagnose them, I was seeking some genuine advice because they're my best friends & seeing them in pain hurts me, but also knowing I'm angry at them hurts me because I feel a lot of guilt around it.

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