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Thread: Help with Interview!!

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    Help with Interview!!

    Hello everyone,

    It's good to be back haven't been here in forever.

    I have an upcoming interview for "Clinic Coordinator" position and would like any tips. My experience is being Direct Support Provider for special needs kids at an afterschool program( which was very mentally taxing and bad management), a Lab Tech working the processing of bio samples, private tutoring of kids (typical and autistic) , I have a bachelor's degree in Science.

    This agency is about "foster care" and the position organizes the patient's medical/therapy appts and works with insurance.

    This is a summary from the post:

    "The Medicaid Treatment and Discharge Planning Coordinator (Clinic Coordinator) organizes the exchange of health information, treatment planning, discharge planning, and documentation for cases assigned to him/her. This includes arranging for medical escorts, transportation and supervision to health care appointments in the community. This position maintains all clerical and clinical documentation"


    Minimum Requirements

    Associate’s degree or higher required.
    Proficient in Microsoft Office
    Minimum of two years of work experience in the field of mental health or child welfare.
    Spanish-speaking preferred.
    Strong organizational, verbal and written communication skills
    Ability to multitask

    So how can I show them in the best way that I am organized and can multi-task (seems to me that these are very important traits)


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    Do you meet ALL of the minimum requirements?

    Can you multitask?

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    Give examples of what tasks you performed, how you solved problems, and if you received any awards or letters of appreciation, or excellent evaluations, etc. (Do not mention anything negative like previous bad management and that the work was mentally taxing)

    The best way to show what you can do is give examples of how you handled things in the past. Think of examples ahead of time to showcase what they are asking for, and practice saying them aloud. Maybe have a friend be your practice "interviewer."

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