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Thread: Please I need help. He blocked me after confession letter.

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    Originally Posted by browneyedgirl36
    While I have no doubt that you have feelings for him, it's clear he didn't feel the same way (even if he may have flirted with you or given off other "signals" that he was interested -- people do that sometimes without even realizing they're doing it.)

    He probably felt overwhelmed (or annoyed) by your professing your feelings to him in that e-mail, and his way of dealing with it was to simply block you. He also may have blocked you to keep you from repeatedly contacting him as it's clear the contact is unwanted.

    I'm sorry this happened, and I know it's painful, but it's a really good lesson about NOT investing emotionally in someone who isn't reciprocating your feelings (and, in this case, wasn't available to you because he was already with someone else.)

    Since he has blocked you, your only choice really is to move forward and work on being able to let go of this. He actually did you a favor, in a way, because if he hadn't blocked you, you might have kept contacting him, kept hoping something would develop between you, etc. Now, you can be certain he doesn't want that, and you can move forward. It's hard, I know, but you can do it.
    I agree. Thank you.

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    He was smart to block you. You probably scared him.

    I strongly suggest you seek out a therapist. Your thread is very concerning and does not make sense.

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    Under review.

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