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Thread: How should I tell him that I'm pregnant?

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    There isn't anything he can do about it at the moment. I'd wait to see if he comes back by his own volition. If not, and the pregnancy turns out to be viable, I'd consult a lawyer about my rights and his, and I'd have my lawyer tell me the best way to inform him.

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    Sorry this is happening. Unfortunately he wants a casual noncommittal relationship. You need to tell him this and that you do not want to terminate the pregnancy. You'll have to deal with whatever reaction he has. Whatever the case whether he wants to be with you or not or be in the child's life or not, he will have to pay child support.

    Sadly it will most likely come as a shock since you're only dating 8 weeks and he has been very clear that he does not want a committed or exclusive relationship. Does he have a gf or wife/family in his other location? What does he man by "his life is too complicated"?
    Originally Posted by Lavinia
    -2 months ago I met a man.
    -he doesn't want a committed relationship
    -He told that it's because he has to share himself between two cities
    -He also told me that he has commitment issues
    -he can't promise me anything and his life is too complicated right now.
    -Today I found out that I'm pregnant.
    -I don't want to have an abortion.
    How should I tell him?

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