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Thread: Finally found the one but I'm terrified

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    Originally Posted by TheG
    When I say I'll be there I'll actually be with her. I have a gig and she said she would love to come with...?
    What is the question exactly?

    Think of newly forming relationship like planting a seed. You keep turning up the soil to see it's taking root, you end up killing it.

    She wants to come to your gig. Simple and nothing cryptic.
    Just leave at that and try to live in the moment.

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    You're doing fine, you can quit worrying so much. If she's keen to keep on seeing you just roll with it. If it's meant to be then that security you're looking for will come soon enough, just let it happen naturally.

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    Thanks for the advice and the reassurance guys. We had a great weekend together Im starting to feel the security a bit more. She introduced me to her older brother this weekend. She says shes never done that before...

    Also, I was literally with her the whole day and night on Saturday and we spoke for about 2 hours on Sunday, without her checking her phone as much.

    Still pulling back a bit as advised because Iv seen that that has eased my anxiety, trying not to think about her too much and messaging her too much.

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