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Thread: How can i handle this situation

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    Originally Posted by MissCanuck
    And do you not think you can do better?

    She is not a good girlfriend, OP. This will get worse, not better. She doesn't respect you, she doesn't have appropriate boundaries, she has a completely warped sense of possession - the list goes on. Keep in mind that folks with abusive tendencies tend to try to isolate their partners from everyone else in their lives. I am not saying she is abusing you now, but it is a serious red flag.

    You're constantly going to be jumping through hoops to please her, but she'll just keep holding those hoops higher and higher.
    Yes, what Miss Cunuck said.

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    Originally Posted by katrina1980
    You know watts, women aren't born being controlling and manipulative, it's a learned behaviour.

    Where did they learn it? From men like you who don't have the kahunas to stand up for themselves and tell them that type of control and manipulation doesn't fly.

    Not sure why that is, perhaps it's cause she's hot, the sex is hot, each man has his own reasons for allowing himself to take this crap from their girlfriends.

    A white knight sort of thing, who knows.

    The end to this toxic dynamic needs to start somewhere, let it start with you.

    Start standing up for yourself, her behavior is not acceptable and she needs to know that!

    Assuming you want to remain in a relationship with her.
    Well said. I don't understand modern men who are afraid to assert themselves instead of allowing their girlfriends and women in general to emasculate them. She doesn't like him hanging out with his best friend? Tough titties.

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    Unfortunately it sounds like you're incompatible and in different places in life. She doesn't have to like your friends, but that's not the problem. The problem is she's immature and controlling.
    Originally Posted by wattsup
    Fast forward a few more months and my best friend returns home and i start doing the same thing, i hang out a lot with him and she starts getting frustrated and tells me that she needs a break from us.

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    How much time do you spend with your friend every week and / or whenever he's back in town? How much do you spend messaging your friend?

    I'm married and I wouldn't appreciate my husband spending too much time, energy and brain space on his friend. Two's company, three's a crowd.

    Your girlfriend wants more exclusive time and heart with you. She doesn't want your mind to become distracted with another person in the mix. She doesn't want to share you with your friend.

    What is it about your friend's personality or character that she does not like?

    Each of us have friends, however, we make sure our times with our friends aren't excessive and we meet married couple friends for meals on occasion. Most of the time, it's just me and my husband in our daily lives.

    If you can't resolve this, breakup with your girlfriend and spend more time, energy, brain space and money being with your friend. Also, be with a girlfriend who doesn't mind sharing you with your friend.


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    You need to run from her! FAST!!! This situation is not normal! She is completely irrational and controlling! If your friend has done nothing at all wrong, you are a straight guy with a straight male friend, what is her problem!! I think she's extremely insecure and jealous and she hates that you actually have someone else in your life apart from her. Catching up with a best friend once or twice a week is perfectly fine! I always see my best friend that often and I talk to her on the phone a lot.

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