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Thread: Is She Ignoring Me or Just Busy?

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    Aug 2016
    What exactly are you worried about?

    She is on holiday. She is having fun and enjoys sharing it with her friends online, but isn't focused on viewing everyone else's social media activity at the moment. Your comments on her social media don't really necessitate a response. She'll probably resume her normal habits once she returns from vacation.

    You clearly like her as more than a friend, so I will first ask you this: how often do you hang out in person?

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    Is she a coworker?

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    When someone wants to spend time with you, they simply reach out. There's no guesswork. Easier said than done, but I'd forget her for the time being and focus on your own life. Plus, she's on vacation.

    I'd also say that liking someone's pictures is a terrible barometer for finding out if someone is genuinely interested as liking pictures takes minimal effort.

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