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Thread: Am I a lesbian?

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    Well I identify as pansexual and I've been romantically with both males and females. I'm 34 and I've known I like not only one gender since I was 14. I have many GLBTIQ + friends and I agree that sexuality is on a spectrum. People may identify as whatever they like but even being bisexual may not necessarily mean you like males and females 50/50.

    My advice would be though to explore this if you feel comfortable enough. You said you weren't comfortable about looking at women on online dating. Do you know why you don't feel comfortable? Are you scared of homophobia if you were to be with a woman? Or is there another reason? I see no harm in catching up with a woman from online dating or maybe even going to some events like Meetup or what not. You don't have to start dating or even get intimate but you could just start hanging out with women and people in general and check out the scene.

    Also to add that yeah, just because you weren't into like five guys doesn't mean you are gay or lesbian. I wouldn't say you were lesbian per se if you were with a guy for five years. I mean if we want to get technical, lesbian means attracted to women only. Although what you choose to identify as is completely up to you.

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    Am I a lesbian?

    You could totally be on the continuum!! Many/most people are. Many lesbians, myself included, were once with men and I made myself have a boyfriend in high school so I could seem ďnormalĒ and not be the only high schooler that had never been kissed! I was always attracted to women I couldnít have. I was so infatuated with one of my college professors and she told me that she had an experience with a woman (which I was so excited about) but didnít like the sex. She loved the emotional side of it. At that point, in college, I could kind of imagine kissing a woman but not really the sex part but hey, I was also new to sex with any person and so there was that. I gradually realized that I was perhaps bi even though I hadnít been with a woman simply because of my feelings but after I actually met a woman and was in an actual relationship with a woman, I realized very quickly that I was a full-blown card carrying lesbian!! So, heck yeah! Try it out if you want! For me, itís just a magnetic attraction to not women in general obviously but to certain women that I just could never deny. I am a total lover of ladies!! :-) Great luck to you! Have fun and be light about it! Lots of people I know are bi and they are easy and fluid about it but it takes time

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