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Thread: I beg your advise

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    Probably the hardest part for the victims of infidelity is accepting that it is happening, quickly controlling the intense pain, and doing something about it.

    First Aid:
    1. Husbands who waste time lose their marriage.

    2. Stop all searching for more evidence, you have enough.

    3. Today, secretly read James Dobson's "Love must be Tough" (Never let her see this book and forget everything you think you know about TL)

    4. Even though you're nowhere near ready you must sit her down and talk to her today. Tell her what you know. She may laugh, or get mad, accuse you of snooping, brush it off or leave. THIS IS CRITICAL: If she leaves DO NOT FOLLOW OR CALL HER! If she stays, don't respond, beg, plead! Don't say anything! Do not leave the house. Remain quiet. If she rants and blames you JUST listen.

    5. If or until reconciliation stop sleeping with her. Move to another room or couch. Again, DO NOT MOVE OUT! (You don't know if thats your bed anymore, until you do don't go
    near it.)

    6. Don't tell her about this forum or anything you may be doing to save the marriage. DON'T TELL HER ANYTHING! At this stage, anything you say will come across as weakness and be used by the other man.

    7. Don't use a device she can have access to.

    8. Start thinking about if you really want to be married to her. Was it really a marriage or something else?

    9. Weigh yourself and eat more to maintain a healthy weight. The brain burns huge amounts of energy during these trails. You will lose weight and look sickly, which will be seen by her as more weakness. Because of the faux attention the OM is giving her, she feels powerful. You must break through this lie with controlled confidence.
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    Confront then divorce

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