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Thread: Meeting with ex?

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    Gold Member Gary Snyder's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Land of Wind & Ghosts
    You just dropped him a month ago and you are thinking of seeing him again? - unless you want to get back together, all it will do is prolong your grief - when you drop him again, you will have to start the healing process all over again. This is exactly why cutting contact is recommended.

    Until you are over this breakup, contact will only open the wound again.

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    Platinum Member catfeeder's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    New Jersey
    I would not meet him. I'd message that I've rethought the idea of meeting and I've decided that I don't want to do it. He's done nothing wrong, so the idea of him apologizing to me only makes me squirm. I'd tell him that I will always think highly of him, but I don't want to put us both through another breakup. It's not necessary, and I wish him only the best.

    Done. Move forward, and skip torturing the guy and yourself.

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