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Just start with push-ups, squats, calf raises, etc... build some base muscle while also incorporating cardio. You don't need a bunch of fancy equipment to get in to shape! And the right environment is the one you are in! Just do it!
Could not agree more. I think sometimes people make the mistake of thinking working out has to require fancy equipment/expense. Right now I own workout clothes, really good sneakers (one pair, a few old pairs), an exercise band, a DVD that I use a few times a year and I have a workout room in my building and use the treadmill. If I didn't have the treadmill I'd do all of it outdoors with the DVD being for those days when it was impossible to get outdoors (and I mean really impossible - at a level of danger as far as weather conditions or where I was unable to workout during safe hours). If I wanted to do strength training I could do that outdoors too - for one thing our park has that sort of equipment or I'd buy inexpensive hand held weights to start. Also I walk outside on hills when I can plus run up and down steps leading to our jogging path. Certainly trainers, gyms, equipment are options for working out and exercise just nowhere near essential.