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Thread: I have no internal motivation

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    Have you heard of the four temperaments? Many psychologists believe that people have inborn traits that subconsciously affect our behavior. There are four basic but every person has a combination of two temperaments at varying percentages. Phlegmatics are the laid back, introverts, peacemakers, then the Melancholies are the deep thinkers who are also introverts, analytical, spiritual. Then the Cholerics are the action oriented, extrovert, doer, achiever. Last is the Sanguine who is lively, extrovert, friend of everybody, the life of the party but also draws his emotion from the people around. When people in the room are sad, he also tends to be sad.

    Maybe you are a sanguine and very connected to people, so when alone, it has a negative effect on you. Maybe its worth finding out about yourself. The one I read is faith-based, called The Spirit Controlled Temperament by Tim LaHaye, who wrote Left Behind.

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    I believe that to a certain degree motivation is BS. Why? We aren't usually motivated to do the things we have to do but don't enjoy doing.

    Originally Posted by m.d.
    How normal is this? I literally dont feel like doing anything, if no one's looking.
    To be honest, it's what happens behind the scene that matters most and triggers that big win.

    Spectators only see that epic match: two top tier athletes battling against each other. But to get there, they had to train for years and do so much other stuff, without receiving any accolades.

    An author needs to write who knows how many drafts until something connects and eventually becomes a story. Which doesn't guarantee it will get published. There's a lot of work that a writer does, receiving no recognition whatsoever for it. It's a long-term game where if they persevere, they might become a household name one day.

    These are just two examples.

    It's what you do when no one is watching that matters most.

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    Im just like i wanna learn from people who i think know more than me or do things in a better way than i do ,to take their skills and make them my own and to improve on them in my own .I think you and i are the same is it safe to say you enjoy learning things and enjoy finding better ways to do then knowing you can do it ?
    If so tell me and i know exactly what you can do

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    Yes you can elaborate


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