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She doesn't need closure. And no one should subject themselves to it just for the sake of the other person. Usually when someone asks for closure a long time later, they don't really want closure, its a ploy to try to get the other person back, its because they are in between women and they want to see if their ex would have sex with them for old time's sake, or if its like my ex, to be hurtful.
Its against common sense to put oneself through it
I know. Which is why I also said:

Just don't get sucked back in. Closure is to accept an END to something, not to confuse you more, or start things back up again. So don't be manipulated. But if you can listen without getting sucked back in, and it'll help the both of you, what's the harm? It really is up to you though. If you don't need closure, and don't feel you owe him any, move on.

I wasn't telling her to GIVE him closure. I just gave her both sides to give her something to think about.