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Thread: Does she just want my attention?

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    Originally Posted by hnnssy69
    No it's not and i dont mean that i do it by purpose, its just as soon as someone shows me serious interest, my interest in this person magically vanishes
    Maybe work on stopping? These are humans with feelings, not playthings for you to amuse yourself with.

    Yes, I'm being very direct. But it seems you don't care if you hurt these girls as long as you get what you want from them.

    You will end up very lonely once you are too old to attract 18 year olds and all the women your age won't play along because they will see through your tactics.

    Please rethink your mindset.

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    Yea, I basically told him that in post #13 and he just ignored it all together.

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    Originally Posted by ThatwasThen
    Yea, I basically told him that in post #13 and he just ignored it all together.
    I didnt ignore it, but there is a misconception. I dont do it by purpose and i dont play with people like that. i just said that my desire goes back when women show me that they're seriously interested. but i always chase women that play me and leave me questioning if they like me or not.
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