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Thread: Stupid Fight

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    Well you got advice already about this situation on your previous post. This guy asked you to go to his hometown and meet his parents. I think he obviously likes you a lot and you're very insecure, so you're looking for reasons to sabotage it.

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    I assume you are from the US. In the US, we have attempted to do a role reversal between men and women. People are doing that without any understanding of the science of love.

    There is a neurochemical called oxytocin. It is called the bonding chemical or love drug. It occurs naturally in human beings. However, women secrete significantly more than men. In short, when you are pregnant and breast feeding, you secrete an enormous amount of oxytocin. Itís why women bond with their babies so well.

    At the same time, women secrete more when they like a man. During sex, you secrete much more than men. In fact, testosterone, blocks oxytocin in men.

    With that said, it is much more common for women to like a man much more than he likes you, especially in the beginning. I suggest you be comfortable being a woman. If you force role reversal where you expect him to secrete oxytocin more than you, you will lose him. Men in other nations have not allowed feminism to taint manhood.

    I say all that to say be responsible. If you made a mess, clean it up. Donít look for him to clean it up. Be transparent. Tell him you are afraid of love. Then allow him to choose what he wants to do.

    Besides, if you were planning to break up with him, what do you care?

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