So this being my first post to this forum (or any forum in general) I really hope Iím doing it correctly. I donít wanna spill every detail but I guess itís the easiest way to explain. So Iím casually ďdatingĒ this guy who I really like and who I really care about. Weíve been friends for a bit (almost a year maybe 9/10 months) and I did help him get through some stuff including a serious breakup. A couple months ago he called me saying he really wanted to have feelings for me but he couldnít. The issue was that the relationship he had gotten out of had essentially taken away his feelings for everyone. Basically he has no ďheart-pumpyĒ feelings anymore. So maybe 2 months ago he came and asked me out on a date saying that he felt something in his heart that he hadnít for a while. He asked me if I still liked him like that and I said I did and then we agreed on it. 3 days later he calls me up saying heís still not looking for any sort of relationship. Despite this heís been saying how much he cares about me and that heís scared Iíll find someone else for a few months. He still says these things and it really confuses me. Despite that I keep reassuring that I donít think Iíll be finding anyone else and that I care about him a lot too. Anyways, skip forwards to now and I tell him that Iím afraid heíll never feel the same way I do about him about me. He tells me that he has no idea if he ever will and itís a valid fear. Our ďrelationshipĒ on his part is based on the trust he has for me and not any heart feeling. For me itís based on both. It just really hurts knowing he might never feel the way I do about him. I understand heís not ready for the full relationship and stuff but it does hurt me anyways. This entire scenario has got me feeling very selfish and upset with myself and just plain sad. I have no idea what to do. Do I wait longer? Do I settle with this? I really really donít want to break it of as I know itíll just be more pain on top what Iím feeling and I really donít want more. I do care about this guy so much and I just want to be happy with what we have. Any advice?