When I was 21, I received a phone call saying both my parents were dead. Iím the oldest of 4 children.

At the time, I was seeing a woman. While I know she wanted to be supportive of me during the loss of my parents, she didnít know how to be. Besides, my siblings needed me. Therefore, my time and attention was needed for them.

So I broke up with the woman I was seeing. Like you, she thought it was a bad idea. She didnít see us as having problems. We were not. She simply was not able to do anything for me. I needed to take care of extremely important issues. Her attempt to be supportive was using precious time and brain power that was more useful for my siblings and other relatives.

With that said, it is unlikely you will change his mind. You will have to accept that.

I can only assume this is not what you wanted to hear. However, it will be wiser if you move on with your life. If you choose, stay in touch with him without expectations. Sometimes death can have such an impact that other things in your life die.