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Thread: How to let go of a toxic girl that hurt my feelings over and over again

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    Dec 2009
    a few things... 1. you wanted her to respect you, but please tell me how controlling who she talks to (regardless of history) respects her? 2. You are afraid that you will never have better sex? 3. Did you learn from this?

    I get what you were doing, but you knew this girl is a free spirit and you tried just a little bit too hard to hold on to her. But hey, you both got what you wanted. She got a trip and you got sex. So its a win for the both of you.
    I can tell you that don't worry, you will find someone who will give you great sex.

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    We call them breakups because they are broken.

    Get busy with your life and yes, dating new women - it will take your mind off things. Someday you'll get over her.

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