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Focus on yourself, your kids, your health and getting to a doctor for a complete check up and referral to a therapist. Why don't you get along with your bf?
Iím going this week to see therapist. Bf doesnít trust me and he has a bad temper. I could tell him something simple like oh I took a little bit longer going home because I stopped to look and see if something I want to buy is in stock so I donít have to order it and thatís a lie no matter if he has proof (which he almost never has) or not Iím still a liar. So I just donít bother telling him things that should be meaningless to avoid him overreacting or acting like I didnít tell him the whole story and all hell breaking loose.I mean, whatís the point in the truth if youíre told youíre a liar all the time?

We are two very different people and we have different taste but when I want to do things he doesnít I have to plan 2 weeks ahead so itís not suspicious and he doesnít feel like Iím lying about my plans. The crazy part is that he acts like heís cool with me doing things without him but then in an argument insinuates I donít pay attention to him or the kids because i hung out with a friend. So I havenít got to hang with friends or even alone because doing things like that is ďwrongĒ. Itís been 3 months...I do not go out a lot and when I say go out I do not mean going clubbing or drinking all the time . Sometimes I want to go to events at the museum or just walk downtown but hey Iím obviously up to no good so whatever.

Bf is a gamer doesnít have many friends and although Iíve found an interest in things he likes itís not ďmy thingĒ and I sometimes get annoyed with how one sided he can be for things to the point I wish he would just leave sometimes. Nothing Iím into is interesting, he doesnít care to engage in conversations about things I like unless he is just talking about how something is weird or truly not interesting at all.

Iím not a cheater and donít have the desire to and I think that is what boggles my mind. Idk how to come across as more trustworthy and be loving when I feel insulted and disrespected and then resentment. Meh....my life. I hope youíre doing well.